my first attempt at a hip hop track please tell me what you guys think

3 methods to learn wisdom: 1 reflection, which is noblest; 2 imitation, which is easiest; & 3 experience, which is the bitterest. -Confucius

Since so many people liked this ultimix I have decided to make it downloadable so you can Fidget to your hearts delight

Strictly Fidgeterians

So I decided that I would play around with a Micasa Track so tell me what you guys think of this mashup

heres just a little something to mess with your head.If I can get at least 20 listens I will make it downloadable.

united we fail: some advice on rollercoasters and shit


Well, since PaulyD and his hair obviously has no need for my advice, let me elaborate pass it along to someone who’s actually serious about music. You probably.

Marketing is such a vile term to me for some reason. In fact, every time i hear it i probably cringe harder than your grandma would if…

whatsup my favourite listeners this is just a little bit of piano to soothe your soul,the lyrics are yet to be released